Textadventures mit künstlicher Intelligenz

Interessanter Ansatz: AI Dungeon 2 wird durch ein neuronales Netzerk, also ein Verfahren künstlichen Lernens, generiert. Der Anfang des Adventures ist statisch, aber wie es sich weiterentwickelt ist ein Stück weit Zufall und wird durch die Eingaben des Spielers beeinflusst. Das Netz findet Antworten auf die kuriosesten Spielereingaben, die ein Entwickler niemals hätte voraussehen können.

Grundlage ist das Sprachmodell GPT 2 von Open AI, welches realistischen Text verschiedener Stile generieren kann. Gefüttert wurde das Modell dann mit tausenden Textadventures von Choose Your Own Story.

Leider ist die online spielbare Version gerade offline durch die hohe Popularität und die enormen Hardware-Anforderungen. Ich konnte es aber bei github herunterladen und das Model einspielen (mit >6GB war das die eigentliche Herausforderung). Es läuft auch lokal, auch wenn meine Grafikkarte nicht genug Speicher hat (manchmal stürzt es einfach ab). Es ist schon ironisch, dass meine Grafikkarte nicht stark genug ist für ein Textadventure.

Antworten dauern so 20-40s, aber es spielt es sich sehr witzig.

Hier ein Beispiel:

You are Stefan, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you’ve been looking for. You look around and see that it’s not much different than when you left it.

You look for a shop that sells magic weapons.

You walk through the ruins until you find an old abandoned building with some broken windows. The door is locked but you manage to open it with a bit of effort. Inside you find a small store with shelves filled with various magical items

You grab one of the magic items and put it where the sun does not shine.

You take a magic item from the shelf and put it on the table next to you. The clerk looks at you suspiciously and asks if you want him to help you. He doesn’t so he leaves. You then turn back to the table and pick up another item

You convince the owner to give you the ownership of the shop.

You tell the clerk that you want to buy the shop and he agrees. When he goes out the front door, you lock the door behind him and go into the shop. After looking around, you notice that there is no sign of the clerk. You search the place and find nothing

You leave the shop and go to the nearest space ship.

You decide to check out the nearby space ships since they seem like the best way to get home. You head to the nearest space ship and board it. Once inside, you try to enter your name as the pilot but the computer won’t let you do that

You visit your friends on the moon.

You hop onto the spaceship and fly off towards the moon. Soon after leaving the space ship, you see a bright light in the distance. It’s a star! You’re on the moon! Your friends are home

You enter the moon dungeon with your friends.

You land on the ground and walk over to the entrance of the dungeon. There is a large metal gate blocking the entrance and a sign saying „Maze“ above it. You push the gate open and step inside. A dark room with a single light source sits before you

You steal the sign.

You quickly grab the sign and run off. You soon come across a man who has been playing cards all night. He notices you and gives chase. You both make it out of the maze and into the sunlight. You both run down the street together

You hold his hands.

You both stop running when you realize you haven’t seen each other. You both start walking slowly towards each other. Suddenly you feel a hand grab your wrist. You pull away and see a tall, thin man holding your wrists

You punch man in the face.

The man smiles and says „Well, I’m glad you found me“. He pulls you into a hug and kisses you on the lips. He tells you that you’ve got something special here and takes you to a secret underground area

You run deeper into the secret underground area.

You follow the man into a huge underground cavern. In the middle of this cavern is a massive stone altar. On top of the altar sits a young girl wearing a long white dress. She stares at you with her big blue eyes and you stare back at her

You sit on the altar.

You sit on the altar and the man begins to chant incantations. The girl begins to glow and she starts to fade. Her skin turns pale and her hair turns white. Then suddenly her body disappears completely. The boy stands there watching the transformation

You cast a spell to let the body of the girl reappear.

You cast a spell to bring the girl back to life. You hear her voice again and she speaks to you
You say „I am glad that you are back!“

You smile and kiss her on the lips. She blushes and runs off into the woods. You stand there stunned by what just happened. You don’t know how much time passes or even if you were still dreaming. Eventually you wake up and remember everything

You search the girl in the woods and ask her to marry you.

You return to the forest and find the girl lying dead on the ground. She was killed by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. You can’t believe what you did and you vow never to kill again. You also promise yourself that you will never hurt anyone ever again

You cry for the girl.

You cry for the girl and think about how you’ll never be able to love again. You bury her and spend the rest of your days alone in a cave

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